burnt bacon of atlanta

Burnt Bacon is Atlanta Blues, With a Twist

…and maybe a Two-Step, a Lindy, and a Shuffle to boot


Burnt Bacon is a band that proves 2 things: 1. some journeys are better taken without a map, and 2. when the band has fun, everyone has fun.

With core players well-seasoned by over 30 cumulative years in the Atlanta music scene, Burnt Bacon takes pride in ensuring that each time you see them, you’ll never know what is coming next.

And indeed, each set list effortlessly spans many genres. Delta blues segues into soul or maybe some Hank Williams, followed by some swampy RnB or maybe a quick song peppered with the distinct flavors of New Orleans. The result is a blend of music that swells and ebbs, swings and sways. In a word, “fun.”

Burnt Bacon offers an intentionally loose and wonderfully eclectic approach to music, gleefully reaching into a grab-bag full of rich influences best described as “Americana.”

What should you expect from Burnt Bacon?

Expect a mix of smoky blues, classic RnB, soul, creole, folk, and even some jazz, gospel and country thrown in. Grab some originals and some classics, and then stir it all together to see what ignites. Expect some surprises. Expect to be tempted to dance a little bit. Expect to see friends, and to hear some of the finest musicians in the Atlanta area doing what they love best.

Perhaps above all else, you should expect every Burnt Bacon show to be a lot of fun for everyone involved. You won’t be disappointed.